About the designer

Hillary Catherine is a jewelry designer based out of Dallas, Texas. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Hillary has been fascinated with jewelry design.  It was then that she began creating jewelry with unconventional materials as gifts for her mother.  As Hillary grew, so did her passion, and thus her desire to learn the conventional methods of jewelry design and manufacturing. 

Her formal training began upon her return to Texas after graduating from the University of Mississippi in 2009.  In Dallas, Hillary received invaluable hands-on training in the art of jewelry metalsmithing under the instruction of several career bench jewelers.  From there, she moved to Carlsbad, California where she attend the Gemological Institute of America and earned a degree in Jewelry Design and Technology.  Educated by experts in the industry, Hillary became proficient in two forms of jewelry design for manufacturing at GIA.  The first of which was the original form of jewelry design for manufacturing: hand rendered technical drawings that are drafted to scale with the use of watercolors or colored pencils.  This method is still used today, but with the efficiency of technology, the second form of manufacturing she learned at GIA is becoming more prevalent: computer-aided design (CAD) using Matrix with 3-D printing.  

After receiving her degree from the Gemological Institute of America,  Hillary returned to Dallas to start the jewelry line, Hillary Catherine Jewelry.  It is now sold in various states around the US, and was designated during exhibition by AccessoriesTheShow in New York, to be one of the 5 Big Trends of 2015.  The line has also been featured in several publications, such as Vogue, GQ, Tatler, Austin Way, and BSCENE.

Hillary Catherine is able to design and fabricate her passion with the use of her extensive education in her trade.  Of which the sole intention is to spread joy, and to aid in creating or reminding the owner of heartfelt memories.